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Using Autumn with NimblePublisher for synax highlighting

2024-05-22 ・ Elixir, NimblePublisher

For this website, I currently use NimblePublisher1 for the content management. By default, it uses Earmark for Markdown and different Makeup packages for syntax highlighting.

Having tried to write a Makeup parser2, and being a big fan of Tree-sitter, I was happy to hear about Autumn3 and MDex 4. Autumn uses a Rust crate under-the-hood, through Rustler, for Tree-sitter-based syntax highlighting!

It took a few minutes to customise my different content types with NimblePublisher to use a custom HTML converter module5.

  1. NimblePublisher

  2. Makeup parser for Swift

  3. Autumn

  4. MDex

  5. Custom HTML Converter