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Raycast extension for Himalaya released

2023-04-29 ・ macOS, email, Raycast, Himalaya

Previously12, I wrote about a paradigm where you had daemon which had multi-UIs that interacted with it. For some time I had wanted to quickly be able to act on emails as they come in. Someone is working on a Raycast extension that uses AppleScript to interact with Mail.app3. Whilst it's tractable, it was taking some time—and then I remembered Himalaya4!

After testing it out, I was happy with it and set out to try and build a Raycast extension5 around it. I'm happy to further announce that it's available for us! I've already had several new minor versions since the original release.

Along with this, I got into a discussion with @soywood6 over email as I had sponsored him on GitHub. It turns out, the paradigm1 I wrote about, and his own project6 had converged on the same approach! Hilariously, we had both been working on Pomodoro timers.

Up next? A Raycast extension for Comodoro7.

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