Jesse Claven

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Pomodoro ↗

Rust, Swift, workflow

The experiment is to separate the system from the client. That means that you can interact with the system through different locations. You could have a browser extension, a Raycast extension, a menu bar app, etc.

PreventSleep ↗

Swift, macOS

PreventSleep is a simple library to prevent a Mac from allowing a display to sleep, or from prevent idle sleep. It differs from another common approach on Mac which is to handle a caffeinate process.

Toshiba TV control proxy ↗

Rust, HomeKit, Homebridge

I'm using a Homebridge HTTP switch to turn it on and off, and to know the status—through Homekit (Siri). The issue with turning it on though is that sometimes the TV is in a state where it responds to Wake-on-LAN but not to DIAL requests. This control proxy sends both when turning the TV on.